Data is created by things on your farm.

Farm technology is changing every day, and each piece of new technology creates and stores data about your farm. This data might be collected by sensors (like on a header or a weather station), or entered by people (like your agronomist or soil testing service).

Data is locked into proprietary systems, which don't talk to each other.

Each device stores data in its own company's database, in its own proprietary format. These systems are silos, which don't talk to each other, meaning that the data from your paddock management software can't be sent automatically to your spreader, and you do a lot of extra, unnecessary data entry!

Data is controlled by corporations, not by farmers.

The vast majority of service agreements ensure that corporations control the data collected by their devices - you can view it through their websites or apps, but you can't download it or manipulate it, and they can sell it to the highest bidder with no benefit to you.

Data Farmer provides a service where all data can be stored in one place.

Our aim is to collate as much farm data as we can in one place, from any system that we can access - because when your data is all stored in one place, it's easier for you to use and access.

You can download your data at any time.

We believe strongly that farmers should own their own data and be able to use it however they see fit. We provide multiple ways for you to get the data you need out of the system, whenever you need it.

We provide ways for you to access and use your data in other places.

We're providing frameworks so that with your authorisation, data is transported automatically from system to system. When systems can all speak the same language, there's less office work for you to do, freeing you up to get back to the work that needs to be done.

We provide options for you to make your data available to researchers, and the money goes back to you.

We're committed to supporting agricultural research to help Australian farms become more productive, and there's nothing that researchers love more than data. You can choose if you want to participate in research projects on a per project basis, and receive payment for participating in the study with no extra effort on your part.